How to Make Yourself Workout When it’s Late & You’re Lazy




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After 6 hours in the car with 6 kids in Atlanta traffic and getting home at 11:30pm, I did NOT feel like working out last night. But… I did. On nights when it’s late and I’m lazy I have to almost play a game with my own mind to get me to push play. I have to tell myself that I only have to do 10 minutes of the workout and then I can quit because I’m so tired. Here’s my basic suggestions to get your booty in motion despite your great excuses:

1. If you’ve got Shakeology then make some and drink half to give yourself some energy. Save the other half for a reward.

2. Get your workout clothes on.

3. Grab your jammies so you’re all set to collapse and sleep on the floor if need be post workout.

4. Tell yourself “It’s only ten minutes.”

5. Push play.

6. At the ten minute mark, see how you feel and if you are not falling over asleep see if you can go 5 more minutes.

7. Go Go GO GO GO

8. Slay that 30 minute workout (or more if yours is longer).

9. PJs on and reward yourself with some H2O and the second half of your Shakeology.


There’s a falsehood we tell ourselves and that is that we are so tired that it would be bad for us to workout… like not working out is going to give us more energy. Maybe this would be true if you were working out like 2 hours a day and had a manual labor job in the sun, but most of us that are telling ourselves this are just exhausted from life. You are not going to get more energy until you make the decision to get up and get going. I felt so much happier after my workout. You feel clear and a new type of sleepiness sets in- one of relaxation and not just fatigue.

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