For those of you that have known me for a while you will might known that for the past 11 years I’ve owned and run businesses. I’ve started them from scratch and built them all to thriving businesses in their category.

I am an entrepreneur at heart. It’s part of who I am and I love it. However, I did not love the tole that owning your own businesses took on my family. We worked lots of nights and weekends. We missed weddings and other important family events. I had to get babysitters way more than I’d like. There was constant fear that a client wouldn’t be happy, an employee would quit, or that we couldn’t get a project done in time. We were slaves to our own creation.

This summer we retired from all but one of our companies (Bash Booths is still one of my babies).

I thought I was done with business. I needed to find myself. I needed to get healthy. I was lonely and very stressed.

That’s why I decided to join an online fitness and clean eating accountability group (known as a CHallenge Group) with my friend and now coach, Shay.

I thought, “Well, if I tried out the coaching part as a hobby it would be fun, keep me more accountable to my fitness goals, and I could maybe make enough money to get a house cleaner once a month.”

I fell in love. The workouts, Shakeology, and the challenge groups MAJORLY changed my body, my health, my mental health. It actually even improved my marriage because I was doing something for myself that made me happy and because my body was happy and healthy, my mind was healthy and happy.

And then, against all my will- I was absolutely won over by the business opportunity. You see, I’m not a rookie at the business thing. I was burnt out, bitter, and skeptical. I couldn’t help myself though. Finally, right in front of me was the business opportunity that I wish I had found 10 years ago in college. An opportunity to let me flex all my creative muscles and business skills without having to handle orders and book keeping stuff… Leadership that encouraged me and was nothing but positive. I wasn’t anyone’s boss but yet I got to be part of a team of people that I could mentor and encourage.

I went from never working out because my businesses didn’t allow the time (so I told myself) to a business where I was rewarded if I worked out and lived the healthiest lifestyle I could.

I want so badly to share this with women like me:

- Women like the young Ashley that wanted to save the world, help people, do BIG things, but also build a foundation for a future family.

- Women like the new mom Ashley that find themselves resentful of having to work and leave their babies or ignore them so they can take business calls.

- Women like the present Ashley that have a lot to balance, want or need to work from home, but are at the stage where they are sick of sacrificing their present for the future.

-Women that know how to work hard and not give up but just need an avenue where they can apply themselves and have it pay off while living in the present.

If you are reading this & you hear that little voice….and your gut is telling you to GO FOR IT…I want to to hear from you!

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late night workout









After 6 hours in the car with 6 kids in Atlanta traffic and getting home at 11:30pm, I did NOT feel like working out last night. But… I did. On nights when it’s late and I’m lazy I have to almost play a game with my own mind to get me to push play. I have to tell myself that I only have to do 10 minutes of the workout and then I can quit because I’m so tired. Here’s my basic suggestions to get your booty in motion despite your great excuses:

1. If you’ve got Shakeology then make some and drink half to give yourself some energy. Save the other half for a reward.

2. Get your workout clothes on.

3. Grab your jammies so you’re all set to collapse and sleep on the floor if need be post workout.

4. Tell yourself “It’s only ten minutes.”

5. Push play.

6. At the ten minute mark, see how you feel and if you are not falling over asleep see if you can go 5 more minutes.

7. Go Go GO GO GO

8. Slay that 30 minute workout (or more if yours is longer).

9. PJs on and reward yourself with some H2O and the second half of your Shakeology.


There’s a falsehood we tell ourselves and that is that we are so tired that it would be bad for us to workout… like not working out is going to give us more energy. Maybe this would be true if you were working out like 2 hours a day and had a manual labor job in the sun, but most of us that are telling ourselves this are just exhausted from life. You are not going to get more energy until you make the decision to get up and get going. I felt so much happier after my workout. You feel clear and a new type of sleepiness sets in- one of relaxation and not just fatigue.